Welcome to Ligon GT Magnet Middle School where we have 9 incredible arts teachers who instruct approximately 800 students each quarter, offering classes in visual art, dance, drama, stagecraft, and vocal and instrumental music.

But I bet you know that!  And I bet it is a reason that you have chosen to have your child attend the most exciting middle school in Wake County!

As parents and Ligon teachers, we want to do everything possible to see these arts programs and the students shine. That is why we have the Ligon Arts Boosters, or LAB, to advocate for the arts at Ligon and provide additional funding to the teachers and to the school.

In the past few years, LAB used funds donated by LAB supporters to help the arts by funding ALL of these incredible projects:  

  • New color printer for Visual Arts
  • New light box for Visual Arts
  • $500 each for Chorus, Band and Orchestra to purchase music
  • $200 annually provided to each teacher for professional development
  • New bluetooth speakers for the dance studios
  • New speakers for the auditorium 
  • Security for each of the concerts and performances
  • Scholarships to make sure trips are available to all students that wish to participate
  • New microphones for Theater
  • $1850 towards the spring musical production
  • $1000 annually for each teacher to use for art supplies, costumes, and dance shoes, make instrument repairs and bring in visiting specialists.
  • Produce and print the Playbill to showcase the amazing students, teachers and programs happening at Ligon
  • Ipads for teachers to assist with remote learning
  • New music copyright for small group learning
  • Discretionary funds for teachers for remote learning support
  • Wireless microphones to support hybrid teaching
  • Complete Auditorium sound system overhaul, including new digital sound board!
  • New visual arts mobile display

But we cannot do any of this without you and your support! You can help by becoming an active volunteer for the arts and by making a $35 dollar donation to LAB to become a member, or even consider giving at the higher Friend of the Arts levels $100/$200/$300/$500.

If you are interested in donating your time to LAB and the Ligon arts programs, please contact us at [email protected]